*The Petite Pair*
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Welcome to Prince of Tennis: Petite Pair (BL).

RyomaxTaichi Fancomics 8D Echizen Ryoma and Dan Taichi are from Prince of Tennis, none of whom belongs to ME.

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Hello everyone~ Hopefully PoT fans~ x3 This fandom is so old, it'd be a real somethin' if there are still fans out there for this anime...

ANYHOOT unfortunately that's the only picture I have for the site header >=x so until I make a new one (which I WILL eventually) we'll have to make do with this one, mmkay?


This comic is meant to be infinite. As in it'll be a collection of stories, not one big story. Though I might throw in an arc or two that might have a sequel. =3

posted by pucha @ January 28th, 2010, 7:21 pm   1 comments